St. Albert Painter's Guild

The St. Albert Painter’s Guild was originally formed in 1987 through a mutual desire to meet and learn from other visual artists in the community.  These shared interests and aspirations, combined with a wish to continue evolving as artists, is the essence of the Painter’s Guild.

The Guild has grown to over 90 members and works in the Painting Studio in St. Albert Place. We offer Wednesday night meetings [2nd Wed. of each month at 7 PM in the Painting Studio of St. Albert Place], Tuesday drop-ins and weekend workshops.

The group is eager to exchange ideas on techniques, the application of new products, and proper presentation of artwork. We encourage each other, help solve composition problems, discuss colour theory and organize workshops.

The Guild collects reference materials to share and acquires common equipment. Each member gains new insights and feels free to share their successes and ask for help to solve their incomplete works without fear of judgment.

The Guild provides opportunities for members to show their work. The two shows, in October and April, are presented in the lobby of St. Albert Place. The work always demonstrates a wealth of creativity, with a wide range of subjects including influences from a variety of cultures.

The Guild accepts members all year round.


St. Albert Painter’s Guild

St. Albert Painter’s Guild
PO Box 5, Stn. A
St. Albert, AB  T8N 1N2